The advent of scalable and invisible audio technologies has initiated a major revolution in architecture: it is finally possible to consider a living space for what it really is, namely, a sound space. A building is not only what we see, but also what we hear. The acoustic component is indispensable in a contemporary living concept. When designing a residential building, it is very important to conceive multi-use acoustic spaces that are suitable for modern lifestyles. Our team is able to provide owners with all possible sound solutions so that the indoor and outdoor spaces of a home can provide family members and their guests with unique immersive and hyperrealistic experiences. We create sound spaces by integrating sophisticated immersive audio systems in the designated areas: sound – be it music, cinema, sound art, interactive sound content, natural and atmospheric sounds – is perceived perfectly spatially and hyper-realistically, becoming part of everyday life. We reserve the same care and attention that we devote to Residential Clients also for Business Clients, Public Authorities and PA, proposing customised audio projects for every need, from sound reinforcement and acoustic treatments to evacuation systems (EVAC).

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