The rapid evolution of technology has made images the protagonists of everyday life: ledwalls and big screens of all shapes and sizes, indoors and outdoors, are used practically everywhere, from live performances to conventions, from places of worship to arenas and sports facilities, passing through museums, theatres, cinemas, shopping centres, companies and schools, and even living spaces.

With today’s residential buildings designed to increasingly meet the needs of their inhabitants, multimedia technology is at your service. Each environment has its own characteristics and each project is created with the focus on a space to be enhanced, a message to be communicated or an emotion to be aroused: all that is possible is beyond the imaginable. You can disconnect from everyday life thanks to modern video walls accompanied by high quality immersive audio, capable of projecting you to any place you want to be, relax with a live yoga class choosing exotic beaches or pristine mountains as a setting, with sensational hyper-realism in audio and video thanks to technology that dissolves at your command, giving way to surprisingly realistic experiences.

We design tailor-made solutions, enhancing the uniqueness of each environment with highly customizable elements and a wide range of technical/mechanical and aesthetic options to meet every project requirement.

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