With the spread of AHU systems, which are able to change the characteristics of the air inside buildings to suit living and production needs, centralised scenting systems are increasingly in demand. These are professional scenters with wide coverage, remotely programmable via WiFi control systems compatible with mobile phones, tablets and PCs, which, connected to the AHU system (whether already existing or newly designed), diffuse a homogenous scent throughout the room.

When designing the systems for a residential building, a production site or a commercial space, galleries and museums, it is increasingly taken into account that the sense of smell, among the senses that accompany us throughout our lives, is the one most capable of awakening memories and evoking sensations.

Through the diffusion of scents and aromas, it is possible to create relaxing, energising or stimulating atmospheres, improve moods and instil positive states of mind. These principles are widely applied in the commercial sphere to attract the attention of customers, promote the corporate image, communicate in a new way, and create a closer bond with customers through the use of essences tailored to the brand.

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