AV Presentation Switcher

Teamwork. Young focused serious business women and men work in a conference room on a project presentation. Light from a spacious office is reflected through the glass.

The daily use of an ever-increasing number of multimedia devices, in both business and residential environments, has led to the development and realisation of Presentation Switchers, audio and video processing units that integrate source control and selection.

With the possibility of direct operation from front panel controls or via an intuitive user interface, various display options, and the presence of power and status indicator LEDs, HDMI inputs, HDMI output, analogue audio output, LAN port and RS232 port, these switchers are simple and reliable, yet have advanced features in a small format.

They are essential for simplifying collaboration within a meeting room, where they offer participants the possibility of sharing the contents of their portable devices on an LCD screen or via a video projector, either in hot-spot mode or connected to the network, with the possibility of setting customised wallpapers and welcome screens to characterise a business meeting.

In the living room at home, they become discreet protagonists: they allow you to connect all your multimedia devices, even older ones, to your TV set. Think of the convenience of having your Blu-Ray player, along with one or more video game consoles and a media player ready for use at any time, with the ability to switch between them, choose full or split screen display without any problem, even stream from an Android phone (via Miracast) or MAC via Airplay, always with fast and responsive switcher behaviour and excellent quality even when connected to a cheap LCD TV.

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