PRIMA Remote Control Reader – Eliminates Waiting Time At The Car Park

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The Prima access control remote control reader works like a normal online reader and is easy to add to your access control system, to open gates or toll gates in the car park and thus minimise waiting times when entering or leaving the car park.

Access is gained by simply pressing a button on the remote control, even if you are not close to the toll gate operator, as the remote control antenna has a reading range of up to 100 metres depending on conditions (EMC and visual). The solution is AES-128 encrypted and guarantees a very high degree of security.

Different remote controls for different needs

Depending on requirements, three different remote controls are available, in versions with two or four buttons or in a mini version with two buttons.

Depending on the button used on the remote control, different access rights can be assigned to each user. For example, one button can give access to the company car park 24 hours a day, while another button gives access to the warehouse during working hours. Specific access privileges can be assigned to different people.

Different buttons can be set to different areas with different access rights, which makes the remote reader a flexible solution. It is of course possible to have the same access rights to several areas. In this case, only one button is used for all gates and doors.

Parking solution with traffic control

If the remote control reader is combined with a traffic light, it is possible to control traffic in the car park. For example, when there is only one lane of traffic for entry and exit, the remote control reader can manage the entry and exit of cars through a traffic light, avoiding collisions and ensuring easy and safe access. Of course, it is possible to use a traffic control in a myriad of situations, wherever traffic needs to be managed.

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