Intensity Series by TENSE

(Intensity Bronze switch, featuring an elegant finish achieved through a traditional bronzing process that lends uniqueness to the element)

Intensity is an external capacitive-touch switch that beautifully combines functionality and elegant design. Designed and manufactured in Belgium by TENSE, it is characterised by the very high quality of the materials (the metal parts are machined from solid), the wide choice of finishes (from Metal, Glass, Corian®, Stone, Wood to Composite), which in any case provides for the possibility of customisation, and the uniqueness of the product, conferred by its hand-crafting.

All Tense switches can be flush mounted thanks to Xillo unique fixtures. The products are KNX compatible or can operate with 12-24V DC with normally open contacts (NOC).

Intensity is available with 1, 2, 4 or 8 touch zones.

Supported Systems


Each Intensity KNX has four functions:

1.         Touch:

  • Each touch zone has a dual function, with both short and long touch options.
  • Touching at least two buttons at the same time activates multi-touch, which has both a short and long touch function; e.g. for an Intensity with 4 touch zones, 10 touch functions are added up.

2.         Temperature:

  • Thermostat function via the built-in temperature sensor or by connecting an external KNX temperature sensor.

3.         LED feedback:

  • All switches are equipped with an individually dimmable RGB LED feedback for each touch zone, which can be customised according to your wishes via the KNX ETS software.

4.         Other functionalities:

  • Dimming, blind control, shutter control, scene module, timer, basic logic functions, up/down controller.


Normally open potential-free contact – 12-24 V DC

Each Intensity NOC has two functions:

1.         Touch:

  • The processing of the generated touch signals depends on the connected third-party input module.
  • Multi-touch output is supported without a separate channel.

2.         Feedback LED:

  • The switches have an individual white feedback LED for each touch zone, adjustable in 2 settings:

A) When not touched, the white LED shows 70% brightness. When touched, the white LED lights up at 100% brightness.

B) When not touched, no LED brightness is displayed. When touched, the white LED lights up at 100% brightness.

Intensity Invisible 

This innovative 4-function Invisible recessed switch with dimmable RGB feedback in the corners is quick to install (glued or screwed through pre-drilled holes/wide mounting surface for easy adjustment) and easy to plaster thanks to the second rounded level of the Xillo holder. Invisible meets the highest finishing standards, is suitable for all surfaces and is available in 6 mm and 12.5 mm thicknesses.

Intensity Stone

These carefully selected natural stones are warm and classy elements to decorate your interior. Depending on the type of stone, some fronts are polished, while others retain their natural rough surface. Stone is a natural material, so each switch is unique in colour and texture.

Intensity Integrated

Thanks to the electronics and the special wall box provided (to be placed behind a wall made of glass, Corian®, stone, ceramic or wood), any integrated switch can be installed without error: with slot, without slot, invisible.

Intensity Gold

Protected by a semi-matt paint, these switches can blend in or stand out. Each product is handmade and therefore unique.

Other versions of the Intensity Series:

  • Intensity Alu – modern design, suitable for all contemporary interiors.
  • Intensity Metal – extraordinary look and feel, depending on the different finishes
  • Intensity Copper Rose – an elegant and trendy touch for all contemporary interiors
  • Intensity Glass – uniquely designed glass front is coated with several layers of high quality ink by screen printing
  • Intensity Corian® – maintenance-free material, simple, inspiring design, highly customisable
  • Intensity Wood – elegance and craftsmanship give a natural look to interiors
  • Intensity Wallpaper – the ideal solution for integrating your switch into a wallpapered wall
  • Intensity Paintable – discreet integration: by painting the front, the switch becomes virtually invisible
  • Intensity Landscape – designed specifically for the Blue Lagoon Hotel in Grindavík, Iceland, it consists of 1, 2 or 4 touch zones. Available in all metal types. Ideal for customisation such as engraving, laser or printing.

(Intensity Landscape in Alu Black)

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