Touch the wall and… turn on the light!

It is not a dream, but the result of combining innovative materials and design products with electronics: a 100% integrated capacitive tactile switch.

The fully integrated technology in walls and ceilings allows you to insert audio elements, LED profiles, detectors, ventilation elements, sockets, switches, even the toilet flush while maintaining the class and elegance of the room, whatever the finish of your walls. Even a security device can look elegant!

Each interior element can be 100 per cent integrated into a wall or ceiling, preserving aesthetics and functionality and adding value to any interior.

The wall boxes, made of a patented composite material, are placed behind a wall made of glass, Corian®, stone, ceramic or wood. This allows a foolproof installation of any integrated switch: with slot, without slot, invisible. Time-saving installation thanks to pre-drilled indicators and holes: an all-in-one solution (luminaire and fitting) that requires no additional mounting kit.

The composite material has the same characteristics as plaster but is more resistant and robust: there is no risk of damaging it even during installation. It is fire-resistant and paintable: it makes the switch truly invisible after plastering and painting.

A great passion for design and craftsmanship allows you to achieve perfect results, in every situation!

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