Transparent OLED Signage

With the advent of Transparent OLED, visual communication evolves and reaches new levels of creativity, much higher than those offered by conventional Digital Signage.

From scenery in your lounge to advertising campaigns in retail spaces, content comes to life with a wide viewing angle and blends incredibly naturally with its surroundings.

Here are all the advantages of this new technology:

  • Total harmonization with the surroundings

A transparent OLED panel illuminates spaces and makes objects visible that were usually hidden behind the display.

  • Better visibility of objects behind

Thanks to the panel’s high transparency, vividness and sharpness of colours, the elements behind the panel are enhanced.

  • Thinner panel structure

Transparent OLED panels do not require backlighting, are very thin and completely transparent, and allow information on objects to be superimposed and remain clearly visible behind the screen.

  • Practicality and convenience

Various installation options allow the semi-assembled panels to be adapted to any existing structure and/or space

  • Safety and security

In addition to front protection from impacts and scratches, Transparent OLED panels offer passive protection to minimize the risk of injury.

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